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On top of the software we deliver to our clients regularly, we also develop new software at request or work on our own projects on a daily basis. Our most recent program is called TMWalker4 and is currently used in both Public Transport and Manufacturing. TMWalker4 is a Windows10-like environment with multiple apps functioning within. These apps are adjustable and can be purchased individually, so that one does not have to work with unneccesary information. Additionally, the software is built in a dynamic way, in order to ensure personalization based on your company and the belonging company processes. In total there are 8 apps available. Download our brochure for more detailed information.

The DIYA is the app for data entries and requests of your applications – Attractive, reliable and simple.

The FlowBuilder is a graphic environment in which one can capture/execute automatic workflows and processes.
The Explorer has everything to do with managing your TMWalker4 files and folders within the software. 
Central in TMWalker4 is the Dictionary. Here the company rules are set, which then become the core of TMWalker4.
Time is valuable. The TimeLine shows which projects have taken up how much time and how much will be spent in the future.
In the Architect one can execute manual, personalized and specialized analyses. Data is the new gold.
The Miner allows for analysis of workproces logs. This shows how these processes actually run compared to how they were planned.
The DataBank technically translates the company terms into collection, which are then used in all other apps.

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