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TMWalker4 can be used to manage your production process, completion dates and priorities under one roof. Where the floormanager works with a personalized workorder system, the operators log their actions, the quality manager checks the process for bottlenecks and the management team keeps an eye on their flexible dashboard to see current statusses. Even your HR team can work with our tool, in which they can manage sick leave, performance, schedules and agendas. Together we can create a smarter production process and continuous improvements.

Personalized workorder system

Adjustable priorities overview

Optimize by eliminating bottlenecks

Track & Trace in and outside of the factory

Easily analyze your production data

Extensive context information available

Management KPI Dashboards

Insight into how staff performs

Applicable throughout entire organization

Design flexible work instructions

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Berco Car Carpets B.V.

Together with Berco Car Carpets we have implemented a Track & Trace system, which resulted in trackable items and cases throughout the production proces. All actions executed by the operator and the system are now automatically logged, which allows for proces optimalization. Nowadays, TMWalker4 runs at almost every workstation in the Berco factory and we are continuously working on personalized and innovative solutions for both employee and manager.



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