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Electric Public Transport

Electric Public Transport

As of 2025 all new busses in Public Transport have to be electric, either on current or hydrogen. This implies a major change for the classic Public Transport; suddenly one has to account for charging times, charging stations and max. ranges for vehicles. And then we have not even discussed the production of these electric/hydrogen busses. 

TMWalker4 helps; useful for both carriers and manufacturing companies. Easily test and analyse new timetables, calculate the necessary current, the charging times and optimal placement for charging stations. Additionally, all regular Public Transport analyses are available: from executing passenger counts to checking punctuality, outage and driving times, for example.

For manufacturing/production companies, there is the possibility of a mix between TMWalker4 PT and TMWalker4 Manufacturing. Our software additionally has the possibility of adding in Fleet Management.

Test and analyse concept timetables

Determine possible charging stations

Calculate charging times

Analyse incoming data

Optimize vehicle ranges

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