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A new software programmer?

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Geen categorie | 0 comments

Past June, I was told to have passed my thesis successfully and suddenly the question ‘What’s next?’ became the standard conversation starter. At that point I was working on getting practical experience for over 2 years, but what would be my plan? – I had no idea.

Now I have a bit more of an idea. I have been working for VANL for almost two years and I am still very much enjoying it. The question if I was going to continue was irrelevant, but what I was going to do exactly, even more, the opposite. Additionally, I wanted to keep learning, but not per se in the form of a master or second degree.

What the future holds

Seeing as I am starting a new adventure in 2018 – which I will tell you more about soon – it was also important to create a sort of footloose income; independent of time and location. After an intense brainstorm session and ideas of both sides, Abe and I came to the conclusion I would learn to program. This way, I would be performing work in that area next to my regular marketing activities. And that’s what happened; I now have my first SWL certification, I am slowly starting to understand the TMWalker3 and TMWalker4 structures and seeing the fun and logic in the puzzles of software development.

Two years ago, I wrote the blog ‘different worlds‘, in which I said:

“Despite the lack of overlap in our lines of work, there is definitely a hard core of structure and order. We are both looking for a pleasant and easy way to come to the best results possible. To worlds that aren’t so different after all.”

A nice moment to reflect on this, as the ‘hard core of structure and order‘ is now resulting in two worlds colliding even more.

Verschillende werelden?



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