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Different worlds?

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Geen categorie

“Isn’t is weird to be working with your dad?” – a question that I’ve heard over and over again as a respons to my latest LinkedIn update. But no, sharing an office with your father isn’t weird or weary at all. Let me explain why.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine recommended a movie to me; The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). So, the first thing I did was check it’s rating on IMDB – let’s see what the rest of the world thinks – and I was not disappointed. The movie was rated 8.1/10, so I added it to my to-watch list.

The main reason that I’m bringing up this movie, is a technical aspect of it; about 80 percent of it’s shots are completely symmetrical. As an amateur cinematographer a very satisfying thing to see. My father and I share a fascination of repeated rhythms and inherent structures, and this isn’t limited to public transport, it appears.

Despite the lack of overlap in our lines of work, there is defintely a hard core of structure and order. We are both looking for a pleasant and easy way to come to the best results possible. To worlds that aren’t so different after all.

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