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All our knowledge originates from emotion

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Geen categorie | 0 comments

Eight years ago, I was driving my daughter towards the hockey club, as she wanted to start playing hockey. Hockey – a sport for which I had never felt a thing, and actually despised. But you cross borders for your daughters, you put away your feelings. The ball started rolling and she ran after it, sometimes hits it (often with the round side) and I think “phew, this might be over soon”. But! What just happened? Did she score a goal? After the exercise the young lady came home with a big smile on her face and madly enthusiastic about the game. I said: “Did you like it? You were doing great, such fun right?”


Saturday: Gameday. My daughter is going mad of excitement, as it was the first time she could play in a game of her team. Before going, I had googled some basics – 8 to 8, half field, corner? What are these things? I wanted to be able to answer all her questions. With my newly gathered knowledge, I started to cheer for the team – “Kind of fun”.

At the end of the season, she had to transfer teams, which also meant try-outs. Try-outs! I just waited and saw. The try-outs are finished and I realise that she did not make it. I said: “It’s alright, maybe next year.”. I also figured that it could have gone better, organisationally, so I volunteered.


Half a year after learning about the round side of a hockey stick, I was chairman of the board. I was busy organising, standardizing processes, redirecting the organisation, discussing with the board and slowly changing the culture. But then, a question arises: “Why don’t you play with the holiday team?”. After a while, I have to give in. Now I am also running after that ball, and I use both the flat and round side of my stick. Also with a big smile on my face and madly enthusiastic about the game. Oh yes, I am in love.

As I was developing myself as a hockey trainer, the coach of the first women’s team quit. Suddenly, I find myself being coach of MHC Goirle Female league competition team, first class. I feel honoured, but I can also feel the doubt. I study tactics, analyse opponents, make evaluations with team and players and use video analyses. Where are we? What can we do? Our first game is on own grounds, with a lot of spectators, the opponent is much stronger…

We win, 2 down to 0. Spectators and players are going mad. I look the other way for a second and wipe away a tear, looking at my stick. ‘A flat and a round side’.



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