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TMWalker4 in manufactering

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Geen categorie

Berco Car Carpets produces, as their name might give away, car carpets for the biggest and most prestigue car brands. By continuously focussing on improvement, renewing and efficiency in the organisation and the production process, the company now flourishes as never before at the age of 65. logo Berco

Reliable Article Identification

In general, it can be said that a quickly growing organisation has the need to not only rely on the discipline of their employees. The capturing of data, entice employees to work correctly and improve the traceability of a product are necessary to satisfy the customers and keep a head’s start to the competition. With this in mind, Berco approached us for help at setting a reliable article identification. With this, they would be able to pinpoint which car carpets were made during a production order, in which cases these carpets are, where the carpets are and what resources were used. A question that immediately brought TMWalker4 and its possibilities to mind. After an extensive meeting, the project was divided into three phases.
Phase 1 – Central part
The TMWalker Manufacturing Database and the central TMWalker service will be sorted during this phase. This entails building a complete database for the work orders and connecting it to the already existing order administration. The work orders will be downloaded to the TMWalker database and reported ready afterwards.
Phase 2 – Proof of Concept: Item and Case labels
This phase will be a lot more practical. Together with Berco, we’ll change the way of working at the seal machines. New labels will be introduced and the already existing ones will be changed. When the barcodes on these labels (that identify sets) are scanned, all kinds of events will be added to the TMWalker Manufacturing Database, for later requestable functionalities in the DIYA app, analyses and rapports with the Architect app and process mining with the Miner app.
Phase 3 – Production
If the concept is proven, the new way of working will be rolled out to all seal machines. We can hear the PT-people that are reading this think, “This has nothing to do with TMWalker3”. Yes and no. The application is indeed completely different, but the tool being used, TMWalker, stays the same. If you have a possible other application, let us know or request a free demo.


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