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VWS: A DIY webservice

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Do you have a SQL-database and would you like to unlock its data via a web service, without all the internet and database programming hassle? Then VWS could be a solution for you. VWS delivers a complete web service within one day, only by filling out some database tables. Carrier Syntus took a leading role in this with their fare-service.

What is it?

VWS (VANL Web Service) is a flexible, self-hosted, RESTful web service with https end points. Self-hosted means that there is no web server needed, but that the web service can host itself. It can be installed on a Windows service or as an .exe in a Windows environment. The web service is flexible, in the way that one does not need to program it to make it operational – you only have to fill out some tables.

Installation and configuration

The webservice contains a small database with its configuration. This entails of the operations (the URL that is supported) and the belonging SQL-statements, to retrieve data from the database. When starting it up, the web service will be configured dynamically, instead of with hard-coded logic.

Case: Fareservice for Syntus

Syntus wanted to offer a timetable on their website so that travellers could add comments to their fare.
With the help of VWS a fare service was created, which the external hoster can access some basic facts:
– What working days are available?
– What lines are there on a specific day?
– Which bus stops are on a specific line?
– What departure times are there on a specific stop?
De external hoster does not have direct access to the company data, only via a secured connection and the limitations above. If more information is needed on the website, Syntus is able to modify their web service easily.


If you’re in possession of TMWalker4, you can easily build your own VWS with the FlowBuilder. You’ll have to configure a workflow executed by the TMWalker4 Service.


No need for a web server.
Cheap and quickly operational.
Https protocol, so the data is encrypted.
The user of the web service does not have direct access to the database.
Easily tested via a normal browser.



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